Mop your floor

The place we live in has a stone kitchen and a laminate hall and living room. We split the rooms and did them on two separate days. Letting your little ones help always lengthens the process by about 3 times, but there is a lot less crying and they aren’t in front of the TV.

We started with the kitchen on day one. First we had to vacuum; we all took turns. Then I filled a bucket of soapy water for myself, a soapy spray bottle for Pumpkin (2 1/2), and gave Buddy (1) his sippy without the plastic stopper so water would pour out. Everyone got a rag and we started scrubbing the stone floor. Eventually Pumpkin abandoned the spray bottle and wanted to dip in the big water bucket. It was a good opportunity to teach her how to wring out a rag. Not the most successful lesson. Buddy soon became fascinated with the soapy water too so I had to find a few toys for him to throw in the ever-growing dirty soapy water. I just had to keep an eye on him to not put those toys in his mouth. And poor Buddy is really into standing and walking at this age so he slipped a few times trying to get near Pumpkin and me. That was the only bout of crying we had.

I waited about a week before we did the living room and hallway. Since I was going to use a mop and I only have one, we waited for Buddy to take a nap. Pumpkin helped lift all the things on the floor up high and then she got to do most of the mopping. I helped lift cords and taught her how to lower the mop handle to get under things like the TV stand. We practiced asking to take a turn and then I could catch the spots she missed. It’s hard being someone who likes to go from point A to point B when cleaning, but letting her help is more important to me. So the whole room got mopped in swirls. Then, I got out two colored towel rags (I let her choose which color she wanted) and we wiped up any excess water so we could put everything back right away, . Then she helped put things back down.

Like I said, a little time consuming, but the cleaning gets done and it was well worth the effort. We celebrated our hard work with snack time!