Tot School Week 3 – V & 2

Week 3 – We are now in week 3 of Tot School. Pumpkin is almost 3 and her attention span for school seems to be right around 2 hours. But she talks about it all the time. If I mention school she wants to do it NOW even if it’s not prepped yet. She prefers her school music over her other playlists so I’ve made a new playlist of all her school favorites (Spotify Playlist Tot School Keepers). Since we were talking about V and the number 2, I had her hold up two fingers and how they look like a V. Throughout school, we’d high 2!

Volcano: (The Activity Idea Place) We made your traditional baking soda and vinegar volcano, but I loved The Activity Idea Place’s suggestion of molding playdough around a cup and adding red food coloring. Pumpkin LOVED this! We did three rounds of baking soda and she helped scoop the baking soda into the cup. I poured a small amount of vinegar into a cup that she could then pour into the volcano.

Massager that vibrates: (Preschool Express) I turned on the massager so she could feel the vibration. Pumpkin had short interest in it, but we gave each other a back massage. We left it plugged in and Buddy found it later and was fascinated 🙂

Velcrow Song Cube: (The Activity Idea Place) – I didn’t have a nice square box, so I cut and refolded a purple (violet) tissue box into a cube and covered the tissue slot and white bottom with purple paper. If you already have a square box, this is a lot simpler. I cut very small pieces of velcrow and stuck them to each side of the cube. I cut out 6 triangles (V theme) from violet paper and wrote 6 songs she likes to sing. I put the triangles on contact paper for durability and added the other part of velcrow. She helped put the velcrow pieces on the cube and then we tossed it. We’d sing whatever song came up.

V Activity Sheet (Kidzone) – I tried to explain in this activity sheet that the V-Van wants to go pick up his V friends. We said the names of the pictures and discussed if they made the V sound. Pumpkin didn’t really understand concept of drawing a line from the van to the V words, but kept telling me the dog and cup couldn’t get on the V-Van; they had to wait. I’ll take it as a success 🙂

Vacuum: (Toddler Approved) I thought this idea from Toddler Approved was genius! Pumpkin loved this! I wrote V’s and 2 on scraps of paper and “made a mess” all over the floor. Pumpkin had to go vacuum up the mess. We found it best to use the vacuum without any of the attachments and she had the best control without the extender; should would get right down over the papers. I found I needed to crumple the paper a little so that it would get sucked up as opposed to just sucked onto the vacuum.

Violet Craft: (Counting Coconuts) Pumpkin enjoys gluing and this was a cute craft from Counting Coconuts. I cut out the letter V, 5 flowers, and some stems. Since the stems were thin I helped put the glue on and she stuck them to the paper. Then we added the V and flowers.

Guess the Vegetable: (Kids’ Pages – Vegetables 1 and Vegetables 2) We went through the flashcards and named the veggies. She wasn’t really into it, but later on during tot school she picked up a few of the new ones and told me their names. When we went shopping later that week, I pointed out some of the new veggies in the produce section and let her hold and touch them.

V Printables: (1+1+1=1) I just printed out pages 1, 2, 3, 6, 7
  Page 1 – I used this page for snack and cut 4 sticks of cheese to make V’s. She really liked that; “I eat the V!”
  Page 2 – I put this in her binder of photo sleeves for dry erase markers
  Page 3 – I Wrote the words and she placed V letters on them. Then she colored with violet colored pencil
  Page 6 – I Put this page in her binder of photo sleeves and she colored all the V’s with dry erase
  Page 7 – I put this in her binder of photo sleeves for dry erase makers and she’s beginning to start to draw the line from one side to the other which was great since she didn’t want to draw lines on the V activity sheet.

Snack: We shared some Vanilla Yogurt with 2 spoons!

2 coloring sheet w/ 2 violets: ( She colored the two violets with purple colored pencil

Cotton Ball carry: I gave her two large soup spoons and set up a bowl on a chair on the other side of the room. I sat down with a bowl full of cotton balls and put one cotton ball on each spoon. She had to carry the cotton balls on the spoon over to the bowl without dropping them. It was a fun activity to focus on body control trying to keep both spoons flat.

How many?: A very short activity but I asked her many hands, feet, eyes, spoons she had.

Spotify Playlist Tot School V & 2
ABC – Jackson 5
Zero to Ten – Teacher Kiel
ABC – Dora
One, Two Buckle My Shoe – The Kiboomers
Yodeling Veternanrian of the Alps – Veggie Tunes
Just the Two of Us – Will Smith
The Four Seasons – Spring – Camerata Antonio Lucio
Violin for Kids Jog – Music for Children
The Animals Went In Two by Two – Songs for Kids
One Potato, Two Potato – Baby Genius
The Dance of the Cucember – Veggie Tales
The Four Seasons – Summer
Vegetables – The Beach Boys
A Bicycle Built for Two – Baby Genius
Veggie Tales Theme Song
V – Very, Very Special Letter – Big Bird
Letter V Song – Have Fun Teaching