Record a playlist of books

Pumpkin LOVES books. She would have me read the same book over and over some days. It gets a little hard to do that when you have a baby that also wants your attention and wants to tear the paper pages. Or when it takes 13 minutes to read her favorite book (currently Bread and Jam for Frances)

So I found a recording app called Pocket WavePad Sound editor. I’ve used the app and Itunes to create a playlist of her favorite books!

When recording, I used her xylophone to create a “ding” at the end of each set of pages so she’d know to turn the page. We have a Me Reader by Disney, which she loves already, and understands the concept of the “ding.” After recording I “save as” an MP3. This allows me to add Artwork (book cover) in itunes so she can choose the book by it’s cover since she can’t read. The app has directions for transferring the files into itunes, or sometimes I will email the file to myself so I don’t have to hook up my phone (my computer can’t always detect my phone). Once the audio files are in iTunes, if you right click the file and choose “Get Info” you can add the Artwork. If you Google search the title of the book, you can find the cover under Images, or you can take a photo of the book cover and use that. If there isn’t a tab for artwork then you imported a file format that doesn’t support artwork. I’ve found MP3s work great. Then you can create a playlist and add all the books!

Now Pumpkin can scroll through and listen to her favorite books over and over! It’s great in the car when we’re driving, or I’m making dinner, or even if I’m in the same room but need to give Buddy some attention. We’ve even had Daddy read a few so that he can read her books while he’s at work 🙂