Build a tent indoors!

Pumpkin and Buddy loved this activity! With the summer heat making it too hot to go outside, we built a tent inside! We’d done this previously using the kitchen table, but we decided to make a bigger one in the living room.

The tent took over the living room composed of the couch, folding chairs, card table, and pack ‘n play (on it’s side). We inserted the tunnel as a door and then used a few smaller towels and sheets to make other doorways. We used the folding chairs to make it wider in the middle. (The book and laundry detergent was just to keep the blankets from falling off.)

We brought flashlights under the tent, a large drawing tablet with colored pencils and markers, pillows, blankets. We read lots of books by flashlight. She took a “nap” on the couch which was like a loft in the tent. If we had a small fan, I would have brought that in for a little air circulation; it got a little stuffy. Buddy (not quite one when we did this) loved crawling in and out of the tunnel.Image