Make a countdown chain

Pumpkin’s birthday was a little bit ago and we made a countdown chain about two weeks before. She helped cut a few of the strips and helped with the gluing. Each day at lunch she got to cut off a link. Often we would count the number of links left or ask which end of the chain she wanted to cut by picking a color. You can do this for a major event or holiday!


Go on a leaf walk

We don’t have a significant fall presence where we live, but some trees do drop their leaves. I needed leaves for a craft project for her tot school. Pumpkin was very excited when I told her we had to go find leaves for school. I got to explain to her that we are in the season of fall, why leaves fall off the tree, and that different trees have different leaves. I also taught her to only pick up leaves off the ground and not from the tree.

We took the stroller since Buddy came with us. We put the leaves in the bottom of the stroller basket. She lasted about 75 minutes. We have a rather large block, and she made it about 3/4 of the way around. I let her ride in the stroller and had Buddy walk the last bit home.

Once we got home I pressed the leaves in a box under some wood so I could use them for school. There are some great ideas for crafts with leaves at Spoonful.